MetaMask Binance Smart Chain Wallet

Hello, today I will show you how to add MetaMask extension to your browser and we will add Binance Smart Chain to your MetaMask Wallet. MetaMask Wallet is supported by four browsers and can also be installed on iOS/Android devices.




Today we will install MetaMask extension in FireFox browser (process is pretty much the same for all available browsers)


Step1. Go to


Step2. Click Download in top right corner.


Step3. Click Install MetaMask for FireFox.




Step4. Add to Firefox.




Step5. Click Add in popped-up window asking Add MetaMask?




Now you have extension installed.




Step6. Get Started.


Step7a. Import wallet – if you previously had wallet and have 12 word seed phrase (secret backup phrase).


Step7b. Create a Wallet.


Step8. Click I Agree.


Step9. Create New Password.


Step10. Click to reveal secret phrase – write it down, save if on USB drive, make sure that only you have access to this phrase, this is only way to access you wallet – with wallets like MetaMask you have a lot of privacy but it means no account registration and linking to email or phone number, no help from customer service to restore account access, if you lose secret phrase – you lose your crypto assets on this particular wallet forever.


Step11. Confirm your Secret Phrase.


Congratulations, now you have MetaMask wallet and you can link it to many decentralized apps. Now lets add Binance Smart Chain, currently BSC has much lower transaction fees compare to Ethereum blockchain.


Step12. Ethereum Mainnet  Custom RPC


Step13. Fill out fields and BSC is added




Network Name – Binance Smart Chain




Chain ID – 56


Currency Symbol – BNB


Block Explorer URL -


To be able to use BSC Wallet make sure send some BNB to the wallet. See next article on how to register Binance Account.


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