Hello dear friends, my name is Zhenya. A few weeks ago I came across one investment project, and after scrupulous research I was amazed with the company on all fronts – biggest thing is smart marketing which gives me confidence in the future.


The company name is KOK Play, in the nutshell they are trying to be like Apple, Amazon and Google with their own entertaiment and shopping options. If you want to make money by investing early with a great and growing company, educate yourself and make the right decision.




KOK has implementation in digital content and online shopping, but most importantly, a successful and crystal clear business model.


The Platform has already been joined by investors from over 40 countries and it has great plans for the future. The company has offices in USA, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Vietman, China and Tailand.




Below you can see stages of development. Each milestone was achived within the planned timeframe which makes me like this company even more. The company has its own coin – KOK, which valued $0.14 before January 15 2020 but in first quater of 2020 coin was listed on two TOP10 exchanges (Bithumb and ZBG) which increased the price right away to $0.32




On the platform you can watch movies, listen to music, buy goods with KOK coin and make money playing games.




You can familiarize yourself with upper managment on the screen below, the most interesting find was Young K Choe, who has worked with big name companies such as Samsung, SK Hynix and Nvidia.




Here is the actual business model of the company




Now to the most juicy part, one of the ways to make money is cloud mining . Cloud Mining creates passive income , and depending on the deposit amount, you will be making a certain percentage on your investment then you can withdraw daily profits right away via currency of your choice – BTC, ETH or USDT. Also, your investment can be withdrawn at anytime!


Details on deposits and withdrawals you can find on screens below.





Official Documents of KOK Company





KOK Play Registration Instructions


Refferal Code - mjeveaqv

To download app go to link below or find it in PlayStore https://apps.kok-play.xyz

Choose your phone’s opetaion system and download app.


!!!FOR iOS ONLY !!!


You should allow using this app, go to Settings --> General --> Device Managment --> Shenzhen Nong Tai Financial Service Co., Ltd --> Click to confirm Trust Shenzhen Nong Tai Financial Service Co., Ltd Start the app On the bottom click Register Enter your phone number --> receive Authentication Code --> Enter Code --> Complete --> Click NEXT After that enter basic information:




Date of birth (YY/MM/DD), example 920510 (no slashes)


Confirm password

Finicial password (I used the same as above)

Confirm finicial password

Refferal code mjeveaqv

Accept terms and conditions



You are now registered, and a step closer to finicial freedom.


And if you want win more than 3 KOK coins in PK Master game on platform send me PM and I will share my secrets




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